Benefits for Merchant

Merchant Benefits

Reseller & Network

Every reseller has approximately 1000 existing customer that build roughly a network of 5 million customers.

Customer Acquisition

Enhances the reach of your business by increasing your customers.

Protection from Fraud

With Eblaa fraud protection, protect your business.

Reach Pan- India

Expand your business and reach every corner of the nation. We provide our merchant with near about 30 thousands pin codes.

Doorstep pick-up

Your logistics would be picked directly from your door and delivered around the nation..

Fast Payment process

Start and grow your business in Eblaa with fastest payment process.

Sales Promoter

Convert your viewers in your top most funnel into your loyal customer.


Showcase your product on the best slot and become a seeker attention of millions of buyers.

  • Trainning

    Eblaa provides seller training. We have improved our trading method to enhances the learning of our merchant.

  • Webinars

    Maximum of our training our connected through webinars and it is conducted by subject expert on various domain.

  • Study Material

    Online and copies of various modules are provided, for their extra information.

Benefits of Merchant

Analytics Reports: Merchants can view entire activity of their product such as the source of user (the location of the viewers), their medium (tablet, mobile, or desktop) and maximum view on particular product. Merchants can easily analyze their purchase and transactions data. The merchants are allowed to view their average order value, ecommerce conversion rate, and all the important information that helps them in tracking their business. You can set the parameter of your product to track the visitors and even check their behaviour (time spend at your product).

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